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Vinyl Flooring Review: Amtico

Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010

Product Review: Amtico Vinyl Flooring

Amtico International has brought trend-setting style and innovation to the world of vinyl flooring. Not only are they dedicated to providing customers with quality vinyl, as well as cutting edge fashion and design choices, but they are also committed to being environmentally conscious. They have been in business for over 40 years, and even before mandates for environmental responsibility began being handed out to companies, Amtico was ahead of the game, already having environmental protection policies in place.

Their insight and research into new technologies and materials as well as manufacturing processes for flooring make them a leader in the industry. PVC, the main component of vinyl flooring, has been under close examination in recent years to determine its effect on the environment.

It has been discovered that PVC, comprised mainly of oil and salt, and its fabrication is friendlier to the environment than other products, which is great for a flooring company so dedicated to producing eco-friendly products. The recyclability of PVC (and in turn, Amtico vinyl flooring), is another big plus. The company actually reuses its "scrap," or post-production waste, reducing their demand for virgin PVC.

Amtico flooring is also certified for low emissions through the FloorScore Program, which seeks to regulate the emissions from indoor building materials, including VOC emitting products. Amtico International is also a member of EPFLOOR, committed to Vinyl 2010, the (wholly voluntary) European PVC industry program on sustainable development. Responsibility and reliability are the cornerstones of this vinyl flooring manufacturer.

But being environmentally conscious is not the only way Amtico is ahead of the game. They've also worked to create dynamic styles and patterns for vinyl planking and tiles. This isn't your ordinary vinyl! The beauty of this flooring is second to none. They offer a vast selection of wood, stone, and ceramic finishes. From classic to contemporary, you can find the look and feel you envision for your space. And you get the luxurious, high-end look of hardwood or tile without the installation and maintenance headaches, and at a lower cost. You never have to refinish vinyl, and its protective coatings make it resistant to stains, slips, and scuffs, as well as dents and water.

So bring it out of the laundry room and take a look at the revolution Amtico has brought to vinyl flooring!