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WilsonArt Folds After 14 Years

Posted: Friday, November 05, 2010

WilsonArt is closing its doors after 14 years

Over the last 14 years, the WilsonArt Flooring company has distinguished itself as an industry leader in laminate flooring products. But the impact of the last two years’ financial crisis has prompted the company to throw in the towel. WilsonArt still has product out in the marketplace, available through its extensive list of retail outlets, and the company says it will honor all warranties up to the end of 2011.

If you have developed a liking for WilsonArt products, and were hoping to make a flooring purchase, you can either try to find some of their existing products, or take a look at a couple of companies that are continuing to grow, Alloc and StepCo.

Alloc makes some very attractive laminates in simulated stone as well as “wood-alike” products made from HDF, or “high-density fiberboard.” Topped with an imprinted high-definition image of the wood or stone to be emulated, the planks and tiles Alloc offers look like the real deal.

StepCo began making flooring in the late seventies, and now offers four categories of products. In addition to laminates, StepCo deals in authentic hardwood products, engineered hardwoods, and also offers eco-friendly cork, bamboo and engineered bamboo. The engineered products that can be seen in StepCo’s collections are simply constructed of a thinner veneer of the real wood, attached to a plywood backing. In most cases, this allows the product to be “floated,” meaning it does not need to be glued down, and offers some advantages, including the ability to be installed over existing floors, such as concrete basements.

With 72 hardwood and engineered hardwood styles to choose from, customers will immediately see that StepCo and real wood go tongue-in-groove. Authentic wood flooring is definitely this company’s specialty. And each of the 72 styles come in separate colors, too. They currently have 2 laminate wood floor types and several colors.

StepCo makes a nod toward “green” industry with its 8 types of bamboo, including some engineered samples, and 2 styles of cork. Both of these renewable natural resources are becoming much more popular in recent years.

Though WilsonArt is closing its doors, it leaves behind reputable makers of fine flooring for its customers who continue to appreciate and demand good quality.