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Product Review: APC Cork

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010

APC Cork Flooring from

While other flooring manufacturers are continuing to offer the old stand-by flooring products like carpet, vinyl, and hardwood, some are responding to environmental concerns by looking for sustainable alternatives. The trend toward using appropriate forestry practices will go a long way to promote and sustain hardwood products in the market, and the newest carpets and vinyl products are much safer, but some natural flooring resources like cork and bamboo are set apart as examples of truly environmentally friendly.

APC Cork, one of North America’s leading providers of cork flooring products, is committed to change the way people think about flooring. APC is quick to tell the public about the amazing life-cycle of the cork oak tree, as well as the remarkable qualities of its unique bark. Cork oaks are primarily found in Mediterranean forests, are not harmed in the harvesting of their bark, and live to be around five hundred years old. And while cork has been used in wine bottle stopper production for centuries, this material is also ideal for other applications, especially flooring.

The APC website boasts cork’s anti-microbial, burn-resistant and insect-resistant properties, and reminds buyers that cork’s unique cellular structure makes it a warm, sound-dampening and cushioning flooring material in the home. APC offers cork flooring in two configurations: adhered tiles or floating floor. Either way, the customer has a wide variety of colors and styles from which to choose. From the Gem Collection, with its bold stony shades, to the whimsical Kids Collection, where fun shapes and colors make up exciting inlaid patterns.

Besides the color and style variations, APC Cork sets their company apart as the one-stop online shop for everything the installer might need to complete the flooring project. They offer cork underlayment and trim pieces, to dress and finish the room, as well as a full complement of adhesives and finishes. And as you might expect, their website also offers full installation instructions and care guidelines, to make a customer’s introduction to cork as easy as possible.

It’s easy to see that APC really believes in cork as a viable, environmentally sustainable alternative to the more common flooring materials. They must be committed to cork, it’s the only flooring they sell.