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Product Review: Duro Design Bamboo

Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Duro Design Bamboo Flooring from

Green isn’t the only color you’ll find on Duro-Design’s website. Their Moso Bamboo can be tinted in 62 rich colors!

Of the many new products that have entered the flooring market in recent years, there doesn’t seem to be one that can single-handedly satisfy all of the criteria that make a truly “green” floor. But there are a few that come close. Bamboo and Cork are at the top when it comes to sustainability and low environmental impact.

Duro-Design, based in Quebec, Canada, is a company that has been committed to creating environmentally friendly flooring solutions for over 35 years. They deal in bamboo, cork, eucalyptus, and something called engineered oak. They speak highly of all of their eco-flooring materials, but it is worthwhile to highlight their “colorful” bamboo offerings.

Regenerating itself more than eight times as fast as traditional hardwood forests, bamboo, in the words of Duro-Design, is a truly sustainable harvested grass. The harvesting process does not kill the plant. And Duro-Design is adamant about using mature Moso Bamboo, which matures in about six years, and is selected for its hardness and overall strength.

There are two types of bamboo flooring available from Duro-Design, Solid Strip flooring and Extra-Wide Engineered Planks. Solid strip bamboo is installed in a similar way to traditional hardwood flooring, and the engineered planks can simply be enjoyed for their wide format, or installed as a floating floor with a bit more flexibility as to what kind of sub-floor is required.

Any way you lay it, Duro-Design Bamboo can be ordered in any of 62 stylish colors. Yes, 62. So this incredibly tough, durable, smooth and modern flooring can be tinted to make any room in a home as unique as its owner. Among the 62 dynamic shades, it might be easier to choose a floor to match your decor than the other way around. The company has its rainbow of colors arranged into categories: the vivids, pastels, neutrals, warm woods, dark and rich, and desert sands. Among these, every customer is sure to find the right hue.

Duro-Design is unequivocally passionate about making a small environmental footprint, with products that meet and exceed eco-standards. And their selection of fine bamboo flooring is no exception. But with sixty-two colors to choose from, these floors certainly make an impression in a home.