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Pioneered Wood - Review of Harvest Timber Co.

Posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pioneered WoodThe Harvest Timber Company is doing things a little differently. But it appears that the Lakebay, Washington maker of Pioneered Wood Flooring (among other products) has always been a little different. In an age of imprinted laminates, veneers, and engineered products (what they call “commodity flooring”), Harvest Timber is offering only solid wood products. Whether new- or old-growth, or even reclaimed wood hewn for floor planks, the company hearkens back to the simpler days when the wood floor was the only floor.

Harvest Timber Company,” says their website, “follows a simple plan: make a good product just as well as it can be done. We don’t use fancy factories, electronics, or polymers. Instead, we’ve gone back to the basic strengths of the lumber business.

One look at the Harvest Timber site gives the customer a good feel for the way this unique seller does business. They are not low-tech, they are highly focused on a wood-only niche in the flooring world. And a quick read of their Pioneered Wood philosophy reveals their commitment to sustainable forest management, customer-specific quality, precision millwork, and the retailers and contractors that carry their products.

Harvest Timber’s Lumber specialists are charged with finding trees that are at their peak for appropriate harvesting, as well as locating beautiful planks that can be reclaimed from existing buildings. They have designed a process of custom-curing the wood called “Exact-Dry,” that matches the residual moisture of the lumber with the climate of its destination. This unique process ensures excellent fit and longevity. Harvest Timber’s mill precision processes each wood plank to ensure excellent tongue-and-groove fit as well as end-matching for a striking result.

There are five Pioneered Wood product series offered: the Signature Series, Precision Plank Series, two Handcrafted Series, and the Reclaimed Series. Harvest Timber also includes two engineered products for installation over concrete substrate or radiant heating systems. All-in-all, there are over ten separate wood species available, five specialized textures, and many widths to choose from.

In a flooring industry rife with engineered, manufactured, artificial, and imprinted flooring products, Pioneered Wood from Harvest Timber is maintaining its commitment to the all-natural attraction of real wood.