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Barlinek: Replenishing Hardwood Forests

Posted: 01 JUL 2002

More than likely, when you think of environmental problems, you think about air pollution, global warming, or the hole in the ozone layer. But another problem that seriously impacts our planet is deforestation.

The loss of large forest areas produces many negative side effects. For example, trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Trees also prevent erosion and provide shelter for wildlife, among other things. Obviously, their depletion has far-reaching consequences.

Of course, there are natural causes for deforestation that are beyond our control, like volcanic eruptions and lightning-ignited fires. But such catastrophic events do not happen daily – unlike the continuous harvesting of trees to meet the demand for commodities like wood flooring.

Fortunately, there are some flooring manufacturers that genuinely care about the environment and are clearly demonstrating social responsibility. One company that is leading the way in reforestation efforts is Barlinek S.A.

Barlinek’s participation in environmental enhancement programs is well documented. Foremost among their activities is the “One for One” program. For every package of flooring that Barlinek sells, they plant a sapling in what is known as the “Customer’s Forest.” Thus far they have planted more than a million and half new trees, and that number is steadily increasing.

In recognition of Barlinek’s efforts, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has issued a certificate verifying that the company obtains wood in conformity with forestry management principles. Coinciding with their reforestation program, Barlinek is also involved with helping wildlife by supporting the “Program for the Reintroduction of the Peregrine Falcon.” But these are not the only ways that Barlinek demonstrates their environmental friendliness.

Currently the third largest European flooring manufacturer, Barlinek management has wisely reinvested the profits of their growth. Their facilities utilize the latest equipment and technologies, and that translates into minimal waste and air pollution. It also means they produce some of the highest quality flooring in the world.

How many top quality flooring products can you think of where your purchase actually contributes to helping the environment? Certainly, there are not many.

Barlinek’s environmental consciousness deserves all the recognition it receives. Hopefully, manufacturers of all types of wood products will follow their lead and make the world a better place for us all.