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Avaire Interlocking Floating Porcelain Tile

Posted: Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Avaire Interlocking Porcelain Tile

Avaire delivers the best of both worlds with their innovative interlocking floating porcelain tiles. Since the introduction of floating floors such as wood, laminate, bamboo and cork, the attraction has always been the ease of installation. The fact that just about anyone with entry level skills can install this type of flooring has always been a significant selling point. A major reason the do-it-yourself individuals ignored tile or stone, was due to the extensive installation process. Now with Avaire interlocking tile, it’s possible to get high quality porcelain tile that's literally a snap to install.

In the past, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to manufacture interlocking tile flooring. The problem was inferior fiber board backing. It was rigid and had very little to no tolerance with regard to flex or absorbing any unevenly distributed weight. The result ended up being cracked tiles anywhere there was even a minor deviation in the surface. Avaire’s innovative rubber backing system helps absorb any minor movement on the tile surface due to slight unevenness in the surface on which it is installed. In actuality, it ends up being more tolerant than a traditionally installed porcelain tile floor which uses a thin-set mortar installation.

Other floating tile floor products had issues with the grout or should we say lack of grout. The manufactures required the use of a caulk-like product to fill the joints in between the tiles. This method was extremely difficult, messy and outrageously expensive. With Avaire tile, you use their flexible grout made specifically to work with the interlocking floating porcelain tiles.

There are many benefits in using Avaire tile. It is a fantastic do-it-yourself flooring product, which can be installed in a day without the use of messy thin-set mortar. It can also be installed over plywood, OSB, concrete, existing vinyl, tile and hardwood floors, as well as radiant heat systems. One of the real unique features of Avaire tile is that you can actually take it apart and reuse it again. In addition, replacing a damaged tile is very easy compared to a traditionally installed tile flooring. One last feature worth mentioning is Avaire offers a warranty on their tile, something which is extremely rare in the tile industry.

So if you're in the market for a do-it-yourself floor, you can now add Avaire floating tile to your list of choices. Of course Avaire can be professionally installed too. It looks gorgeous, it's extremely durable, it's a breeze to install and it's competitively priced. We're not sure you can ask for much more in a flooring product.

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