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Bisazza Mosaico, Industry Pioneers in Glass Tile Mosaics

Posted: Monday, July 26, 2010

Bisazza Mosaico, a manufacturer of luxury glass mosaic tiles, was established in 1956 and is based in northern Italy. Their quality is exceptional and stands alone in design, innovation and the ability to create custom patterns. They are true industry pioneers. Bisazza mosaics are widely known and very well respected within the interior design, luxury residential, architectural, hospitality and contractor communities throughout the world. Bisazza often teams up with famous artists, designers and fashion icons to create some of the most beautiful glass mosaic tile patterns available today. Their designs range from classic and simplistic, to wild, trendy and extremely complex. No matter what your design taste, Bisazza has a pattern to fit your needs and if they don't, rest assured they'll be happy to create it.         
These days there is an influx of glass tiles available. The market has become flooded with inexpensive look-a-like products or "knock-offs". While at first you might see some of these mosaic tiles as a real bargain, you have to look close and also determine your needs now and in the future. We've found that with the majority of the inexpensive products, there is little to no quality control. With most tiles there can be slight variations with shade and size; however, this becomes much more dramatic with inferior products. If you complete a project now and require additional tile for an add-on or repair, you may run into a big problem with other manufacturers. Bisazza takes great pride in their manufacturing process and high level of quality control for every product they produce. In addition to Bisazza’s quality control and attention to detail, they set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by providing the grout and grouting tools with most all of their products. This insures consistency from sample swatch to project installation. The grout is also their own Bisazza brand, which is a very high-quality epoxy type grout that is made to last.          
As we've mentioned Bisazza offers a large and diversified array of products and collections. Bisazza glass mosaics can be used in residential and commercial applications. They can also transform swimming pools and other outdoor areas from ordinary to extraordinary.
Logistically they have company stores in major design markets throughout the world, referred to as Bisazza Flagship stores; however, they also have a strong group of independent dealers to service your needs. If you are considering glass in your design plans, you should explore the colorful world of Bisazza and expand your horizons.
Dealing with Bisazza glass products allows for more options and the ability to relax with your decision, knowing you will get exactly what you've chosen. In this crazy, fast paced world we live in today, it's nice to see a company after fifty years that held true to their values, stuck with their commitment to quality, and continue to innovate within their industry and beyond.
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