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DuroDesign bamboo flooring, the choice for color and quality

Posted: Sunday, July 11, 2010


To sum up the number of DuroDesign bamboo floor options you can chose from, the choices would be unlimited! You might expect to find a vast array of  color choices at a paint store, but not from a bamboo flooring manufacturer. Gorgeous colors, superior engineering, as well as LEED Certification are just a few reasons to consider DuroDesign bamboo products for your next design project.
For an interior designer, architect, builder or homeowner to imagine having over 50 colors of bamboo flooring to choose from might seem like a dream. Consider your color dreams coming true, as DuroDesign currently offers 57 different bamboo flooring colors. In addition to the huge selection of colors, you can choose 6-foot long by 3-5/8-inch wide solid bamboo, or wide-plank bamboo flooring which is 7-3/16-inch wide, which can be installed using the fast floating method. The solid flooring features square edges to give the appearance of an on site sand and finish look without the mess. The wide plank flooring features micro-beveled edges to accentuate the beautiful wide boards.
DuroDesign is at the top of its class when it comes to design, quality and finish. Their products are constructed using adhesives that contain near zero formaldehyde, 0.0243 parts per million to be exact. Every piece of bamboo board is sanded and colored using furniture grade stain. The flooring is then coated six times using their crystal clear proprietary MP765 water based polyurethane, which is a commercial grade finish. The finish is non-yellowing and designed to withstand high traffic areas. Their flooring also has a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and is easy to re-coat without having to strip or sand.
With the explosion of Chinese manufacturers, the number of bamboo flooring choices has increased significantly, however this had lead to a numerous amount of inferior flooring product entering the marketplace. The biggest problem with these flooring products is very poor construction, using adhesives that contain large amounts of formaldehyde, and finishes that can't compare with the DuroDesign MP765.
Another extremely important factor when choosing DuroDesign bamboo floors, they offer a 25 year structural warranty, and a 5 year renewable finish warranty. Their corporate office is located in Canada; however, they have a very strong dealer network established in the USA.
While we could get extremely detailed and technical, the simple fact is, if you’re considering a bamboo floor, we give DuroDesign the highest rating available. They are a bit more expensive, but their bamboo flooring is worth every penny. Their quality is unmatched and their color selection is outstanding. If you need to get more technical information, please feel free to contact us for additional documentation or LEED certification details.
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