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How to use FastFloors cart system

Our system while the most advanced in the industry is also the most simple to use. You can save entire quotes in your cart to compare product prices and make your purchase.

Step 1 - Add quantity of product from the main Product Pages

Product page image
Image 01

Where indicated enter either the square foot quantity you need and the system will round it out to the closest full carton. When done hit the Add to Quote/Buy button.

 Step 2 - Build a quote on the Quote Page

Top of quote page

As long as you know what quantity you need, you can move on to the Accessories section below.. If you are unsure as to how much you need, you can use our advanced Calculate Square Footage option by clicking the link which will open up that feature.


Once you click on that Calculate Square Footage link you will then have the option to select how many rooms you need to calculate. For this example let's select 3.


As you type in each room dimension, the system will calculate the total quantity you need including an industry standard 10% waste factor. Once finished click the Use Quantity link and the total number of boxes will be modified and the quote will be automatically updated. The room calculator will also close.