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Tile Flooring - Glass Tiles

Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010

Tile flooring is one of the most popular varieties of flooring for its ease of maintenance and its longevity.  Buyers love the look of tile flooring, and use them for both flooring and walls. There are a variety of tile options available in the market today. Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and glass tiles are the most popular types used for flooring projects. Glass tiles are like ceramic tiles in their properties. They can bear weight, and are broken or damaged only when violently hammered.  Apart from that, they are as durable as any ceramic tile. This article will focus on the glass tiles as an attractive flooring option.

Glass Tile

Glass tiles look very elegant when installed as flooring. However, it is very critical to decide where the glass tiles are to be installed. Unlike ceramic tiles, glass tiles can be expensive. The look of glass tile flooring is ultramodern and even spacious. These tiles make more use of the light due to their reflective properties. The best locations for installation of glass tile flooring are living room, corridors, lobbies etc., as it makes more use of the light.  Glass tiles can be conveniently used in a small portion of bedrooms. Glass tile flooring is the mood changer of the room and gives a very sophisticated look.

Installation of glass tiles is an easy task and exceptional care must be taken while the installation is being done. The adhesive used for its installation is flexible, thin, white and fast-setting. Pay special attention to ensure that there is no air pocketing under the glass slabs while installation. Air pocketing is a factor that may contribute to the weakening and cracking of the tiles.

There are two kinds of glass tiles available for flooring purposes i.e. Smalti floor tiles and translucent glass tiles. Both flooring options carry a variety of colors. The color in the Smalti floor tiles is regular throughout the tile where as in translucent tiles the color is embedded in the protective coating of the glass. Smalti floor tiles are not slippery where as translucent tiles need a bit of treatment to make them anti-slip. The treatment given is the etching or texturing of the glass tile.  Glass tile flooring is usually slippery when wet. Therefore, it is not advisable to install the glass tile flooring in rooms where the degree of water exposure is high.

Not every glass tile is made to be used as the flooring. It is very important to look for the glass tiles that are made specifically flooring purpose. They will be stamped with the floor-rated stamp.

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