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Wood Flooring: Royalty Unfolded

Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010

Wood flooring is one of the most desirable types of flooring.  It comes in many styles and is often considered an investment to the house.  So, if you are looking around for enhancing the look and also the cost of your property then surely wooden flooring is the right choice for you.

Wood Flooring Installation

Wood flooring requires some special attention while it’s being installed. It is recommended to ask for a professional installer for its installation, as it is an expensive kind of flooring, so it is better not to experiment with it.

Wood flooring installation as remarked before is not an easy task and the wooden planks soon after their installation require finishing. The refinishing is done with sanding process, and requires the same procedure used for a refinishing of old, worn out floors. The sandpaper is generally used in the process of finishing.


Wood Types

Wooden flooring is available in a variety of different species. The flooring species will contribute to the overall look of the finished hardwood by setting the tone and texture.  A few of the more popular species are mahogany, oak, Brazilian cherry, and hickory.  Most species of floor are avaialble as both a solid hardwood or an engineered hardwood.  Solids, as the name implies, are solid wood straight through.  Engineered hardwoods are cross woven strips of wood glued together in layers.  Both have their advantages as solid hardwoods can be refinished while engineered woods are better suited for areas that have significant climate change throughout the four seasons.


Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

Wood flooring requires some special care and is one of the higher maintenance floor types.  Regular cleaning is needed with a vacuum cleaner in addition to occasionally mopping.  Over time, dusting and cleaning can diminish the finish of the floor.  Therefore, polishing (or possibly refinishing) the floor should be considered part of the routine maintenance.

Additionally, the floors should never be cleaned with soaps containing oil or harsh detergents. Be sure to only use products that the manufacturer has specifically approved.