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Claim Information
Damaged and/or Missing Items

YOU MUST READ THIS INFORMATION prior to filing a claim! Please read the section(s) that pertain to your claim.

We ask that you use common sense when evaluating items you feel are damaged. We do our best to avoid submitting claims to the freight carriers because in some cases they need to have someone come out and inspect the damage. This process can take some time.

Important Note: As stated in the purchase TERMS & CONDITIONS you must have noted any damage and/or missing items at the time of delivery.
Items Missing - Your order was not complete.
Damage to Trim or Accessories - Trim, Glue, Underlayment, Padding, Tools, etc.
Minor Damage to the Main Order - Less than 1 full box or 5% of the entire order.
More than Minor Damage - Usually more than 1 full carton or 5% of the entire order.
Wrong Product, Color, etc.- Part or all of the order is not what you ordered.

Defective Product and Warranty Claims

Unless noted in the product details on our web site and on your invoice, sells only first quality material.

The following is information that will help you to evaluate whether or not you should submit a claim for defective product or warranty issues. Please keep in mind that the majority of warranty claims we have seen over the years (close to all of them) have been improper installation not problems with the product. Additionally you will note the different procedures for a floor that is installed versus flooring that is not yet installed.
Scratches, Dents, Etc. with Wood & Laminate Flooring - After Installation
Buckling, Popping, Etc. with Wood & Laminate Floors - After Installation
Water Damage with Wood & Laminate Floors - After Installation
Peaking with Wood & Laminate Floors - After Installation
Defective Material Claims - Prior to Installation

Filing a Defective Product or Warranty Claim

If you have read through this section and feel you have a legitimate claim, you will need to follow one of the procedures listed here.
Defective Product - Not Installed
Defective Product or Warranty Issue - After Installation
Defective Ceramic Tile - Before or After Installation

If you feel you have a valid product defect or warranty problem, to proceed and file a claim, Click Here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our shipping and claims department at 800-498-1750.

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