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Tile & Stone Articles

Provenza Tile
Provenza's ongoing success originates from a passion for design, meticulous care for detail and use of state-of-the-art technology.

US-based StonePeak provides the highest quality porcelain flooring to consumers, and Fast Floors is proud to introduce them to you

Happy Floors
With great advances in porcelain tile, from design to green initiatives, Happy Floors is a nationwide leader in the finest flooring around.

American Florim
The Florim Group of Italy has owned Florim USA since 2000.

Industrial Chic for Modern Homes - Interceramics Corten & Metallic Flooring Line
The Industrial Chic look is in, and Interceramic celebrates this trend with its Corten & Metallic flooring line.

Interceramic Concrete Tile Gives You The Beauty of Concrete and the Ease of Tile
Combining the look and durability of concrete with the versatility and reputation of its tile, Interceramic has created a flooring trend for the ages.

Subway tiles for your kitchen - the hottest trend in home design
When it comes to designing your kitchen, some things are trendy and timeless. The subway tile is the perfect example.

Interceramic HD Ceramic Tile - The Quality Without the Porcelain Price
Interceramics High Density (HD) Ceramic Tile rivals porcelain tile.

The Beauty and Quality of Interceramic Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone
Interceramic has been in the flooring business since 1979, and has remained within the Almeida family since day one. With a reputation for quality tile flooring, Interceramic remains an industry leader.

Wood Look Tile - The Best of Both Worlds
Wood flooring is always a hot commodity and popular trend, and for good reason. But it's not always the best flooring choice. With wood look tiles, you can get the look of wood, with the qualities of tile.

Flooring on Walls - The Hottest Trend
Just because it's a floor tile doesn't mean it can't be used elsewhere. Flooring on Walls? You bet. Learn more with Fast Floors.

Large Format Floor Tiles - The New Trend
Large format floor tiles are not only in style, they are gaining in popularity. This might be the right type of flooring for you. Learn more now.

Product Review: Adex
Adex has a wide array of the highest quality products for walls, backsplashes, kitchens and flooring.

American Olean - StileLock
StileLock is a brilliant product that brings together the beauty and functionality of tile without the headache of adhesives, grouting, and sealant.

Do's and Don'ts for Cleaning Tile Floors
Ceramic tile is durable, beautiful and easy to maintain, but you definitely want to use the best products for cleaning and maintaining.

Steam Clean Your Tile & Grout Floors
There are lots of products out there you can use to clean your ceramic tile floor and its grout, but have you considered steam?

Do's and Dont's for Cleaning Granite Floors
Granite is a popular option for flooring because of its durability, strength, and beauty. It is a stone with a porous characteristic, so it's important to know how to properly clean and maintain the granite to keep it shining and looking beautiful.

Green Spring Cleaning For Your Floors
Difficult to find "green" cleaners off the shelf? Chances are there are several products that are in your cabinets and closets right now!

How to Plan and Design a Kitchen Tile Flooring Project
Tile is a great selection for kitchens because of its durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Product Review: Alfagres Tile
Alfagres is a global company that offers their original tile products as well as top-quality ceramics, metal, glass, and resin wall and floor coverings.

Installing Glass Tile Flooring
Glass tile floors can bring beauty and strength as well as reflective light into spaces that will make rooms seem larger and more open.

Cleaning Your Pools Glass Tiles
How do you get rid of the chalky white ring on your pool tiles at the waterline?

Product Comparison: Tile vs. Stone
Tile or stone? There are pros and cons for each, so let's see if we can help you decide between tile and stone.

Flooring Installation Workshop: Stone Floors
Installing a stone floor is a lot like installing ceramic tiles; however, there are differences you need to know, which may influence your decision to do it yourself.

Flooring Installation Workshop: Tile Floors
Tile floors are incredibly durable, outlasting any other floor aside from stone.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Review: Interlocking Porcelain Floor
An interlocking porcelain floor is also an eco-friendly floor because we can elimate the glue.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Review: Tile
Add a touch of classic beauty with tile and mosaics for your floors.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Review: Glass
Glass tiles for flooring are beautiful, environmentally friendly and elegant unlike any other tile product

How to Plan and Design a Kitchen Backsplash
Remodeling your kitchen backsplash is the most fun you'll have in kitchen overhaul.

Tile Flooring - Glass Tiles
Things to consider before going with glass tile floors.

Tile and Stone - A Great Flooring Option
One of the best flooring options for your home or office.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning Tips
How to keep that new tile floor looking new.

Piece Together The Perfect Floor With Tile Flooring
Tile flooring is an excellent way to create a custom design, show a little creativity and add some personality to your home.

Ceramic Tile Floor Care and Maintenance
It only takes a little keep a shine on your new tile.

Ceramic Tile Installation Methods
Choosing your installation materials can be as important as choosing your tile.

Ceramic Tile Sizes, Styles, & Textures
All about picking out the right style, size, and texture for your job.

Decorating With Ceramic Tile
Using ceramic tile in your decorating scheme can be simple once you know the basics.

Glass Tile Gaining Favor Again
You don't have to be in Rome, to do as the Romans - the ancient Romans, that is.

Marble and Other Natural Stone
Before you cast the first stone, make sure you cast it in the right place.

Difference between Ceramic and Porcelain Tile
This should clear up the confusion and eliminate a myth about porcelain tile.

Ceramic Tile Qualities & Ratings
Information about the standard rating system used for judging the durability of ceramic tile.