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Cork Flooring Articles

Cork Flooring and its Amazing Acoustic & Insulating Qualities
Cork flooring is hot these days, and there's good reason why. It's insulation and acoustic properties are unmatched.

What Green Floors Can I Use In My Basement?
There are some other options out there, but cork with its premier "green" product status is a good bet for a basement.

Want a Green Do-It-Yourself Floor?
Try a Floating Floor

Almost any type of floor has a floating version, but you have to know where floating floors are best suited to make sure the floor is protected, and the life extended.

Grading the Green-ness of New Flooring
We've graded some flooring choices we've seen touted as eco-friendly and green for any number of reasons.

Product Review: Nova Distinctive Cork Floors
Nova Distinctive Floors is a supplier of high-quality cork flooring products and is a great avenue to find the right choice for your next project.

Product Review: Wicanders Cork Flooring
Wicanders is a premier suppliers of cork flooring, one of the most perfect, versatile, durable and sustainable products on the market for flooring.

Product Review: HomeLegend Cork
Cork is an amazing raw material, and Home Legend is the go-to supplier for this eco-friendly go-to flooring product.

Product Review: Globus Cork Flooring
Globus Cork also offers its eco-friendly cork products in a wide array of colors, styles, and designs.

Product Review: Stepco Cork Flooring
Stepco Cork is a very popular choice for residential and corporate locations because of its unique and beneficial qualities.

Product Review: Ceres Cork Flooring
Ceres Flooring is an environmentally conscious company that offers a wide selection of colors and styles of cork floors.

Types of Cork Flooring
Cork is a great choice for flooring because it is warm, absorbs sound, and has the beauty of more traditional floor coverings.

Ceres Floors Are All Green
Ceres is fully committed to "promoting environmentally intelligent flooring solutions that improve the performance of buildings, while preserving our earths environment for future generations."

Product Review: WE Cork
Product review of cork flooring manufacturer WE Cork from Exeter, New Hamphire.

Product Review: Duro Design Cork
Duro-Design speaks highly of all of their eco-conscious offerings, they describe cork flooring as the ultimate green flooring material.

Product Review: APC Cork
APC Cork is committed to change the way people think about flooring.

Where Do You Stand on Green Floors?
Cork and bamboo flooring are among the products that have emerged recently as the greenest flooring products.

Floors For a New Generation
There used to be just a few flooring choices to make when buying a new home or updating an existing one, but new technologies and discoveries have given us more, cheaper, and more eco-friendly flooring options.

Flooring Installation Workshop: Cork Floors
Cork flooring is unique and renewable product made from the shaved bark of a tree.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Review: Cork
The environmental and general benefits of cork floors

Cork Flooring - Best Value For your Money
Cork flooring, the best value for your money.

Care and Maintenance of Cork Flooring
Cork flooring can be a beautiful addition to your home or office, however as with any type of product you use, you need to consult the manufacturer for how to properly maintain your floor.

Keeping Your Cork Flooring Clean
Keeping your cork flooing clean is an easy task when you follow these simple guidelines.

Cork Flooring For All Of Your Home Improvement Needs
Why cork? We say: why not!?

Cork Floor Care and Maintenance
A few simple steps for keeping your floor in tiptop shape.

Cork: A Flooring Trend Once Again
Learn why the demand for cork flooring is on the rise.

Installation of Floated Cork Flooring
Walk the plank in comfort...that is, when it's cork planking on your floor.

Installation of Glued-Down Cork Flooring
Need to install cork? If it's going on your floor, you've come to the right place.

Repairing a Floating Cork Floor
Here's why floated installations are a do-it-yourselfer's dream.

Cork Flooring - The Basics
General information and overview of cork flooring.

Cork Flooring Features and Benefits
The features and benefits of cork flooring.