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Laminate Flooring Articles

Why You Should Be Wary Of Chinese Flooring
Flooring made in China is oftentimes cheaper than your other flooring options. But this cost-savings comes at a price... to your health.

Lumber Liquidators and Unsafe Laminate Flooring? What You Need to Know.
A recent 60 Minutes report unveils that Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring from China consists of dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

Laminate Flooring vs. Luxury Vinyl Plank - The Showdown
In a showdown between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl plank, who comes out on top? FastFloors has the answers to make your floor-buying experience easier.

Comparing Different Types of Laminate Flooring.
Laminate flooring is really just an umbrella term for many types of flooring. Comparing the types of laminate flooring can help you decide what's best for you.

A Comparison of Cost of Hardwood Flooring
Engineered vs. Solid, Unfinished vs. Factory - a detailed comparison of cost of hardwood flooring.

Alloc's Laminte Flooring
The original locking system, Alloc Laminate Flooring returns to Fast Floors.

Value Lock Collection by Mannington
Offering the look of wood with the simple maintenance and installation of Mannington's signature click system.

Mannington's Coordinations Collection, Catalfamo Flooring
Mannington's Coordinations Collection. The hardwood flooring look without the price or hassle.

Mannington Revolutions Plank Collection
For those who already realize the amazing versatility, beauty and durability that laminate flooring offers, experiencing the best in laminate flooring can be overwhelming.

Mannington Restoration Collection
Mannington's Restoration Collection brilliantly maintains the essence and beauty of traditional flooring with the technology of today and tomorrow.

Stepco's New Revolution Laminate Flooring with New Crystal-Tuff Surface
Look out Mannington and Pergo, the new Revolution laminate flooring series by Stepco is taking over!

Want a Green Do-It-Yourself Floor?
Try a Floating Floor

Almost any type of floor has a floating version, but you have to know where floating floors are best suited to make sure the floor is protected, and the life extended.

EarthWerks - Flooring Inspired by Nature
EarthWerks offers a beautiful selection of flooring options, that bring nature into your room.

Product Review: Pergo Laminate Flooring
Pergo brought laminate flooring to life 30 years ago, and they continue to bring the industry to the edge in developing new products, designs, textures, and technologies.

How to Plan and Design a Living Room Laminate Floor Installation
Laminate flooring can be installed over almost any subfloor and it looks and feels like hardwood.

Product Review: Mannington Laminate
Technology has come a long way in enabling companies like Mannington to provide an affordable, beautiful, resilient laminate flooring option that would give any "real" hardwood a run for its money

Product Review: Quick-Step Laminate Flooring
Quick-Step laminate flooring is a great product for those who need something a little more hard wearing.

Armstrong Floors for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Armstrong has been creating flooring products for decades, and since its inception, has grown to become a major industry leader in the residential and commercial flooring trade.

Bruce Knows Floors
Bruce Flooring, a division of Armstrong, is one flooring specialist that doesn't mind sharing a wealth of information.

Alloc Flooring Has "Green" Floors Covered
In an industry where few are welcomed onto the green scene, Alloc Flooring refuses to be swept under the rug.

Flooring Installation Workshop: Laminate Floors
What you need to know before installing your floating floor.

Laminate Flooring
There are advantages and disadvantages to laminate floors as with any other flooring option.

Inexpensive Ways To Easily Clean Laminate Flooring
There are many ways to clean your laminate floor without having to resort to special sprays and mops.

Versatile Laminate Flooring For Any Home
Laminate is an affordable, durable alternative to hardwood.

AC Ratings Explained
Laminate flooring's AC ratings have nothing to do with air conditioning

Correct Use & Measuring for Molding/Trim
Explains the different types of moldings available for wood and laminate flooring and how to measure for them.

Laminate Flooring Game
With so many different types of laminate flooring available, how do you choose the right one for you? We try to shed some light on the subject.

No Glue vs. Glued Laminate Flooring
No-Glue floors are the rage! Find out the differences between the glued styles and the no-glue type laminate flooring.

Pergo Invades the United States
Pergo's rise to fame in the United States, and the impact that they've had on the flooring industry.

The Laminate Flooring Buyers' Guide
Some things to consider before purchasing laminate flooring.

What is Laminate Flooring?
Laminate floors offer a high level of durability, a low level of maintenance, an extremely easy installation.

Decorating with Laminate Flooring
There are several beautiful patterns and colors available through the major manufacturers we represent.

Real Wood, or Laminate Flooring? I'm lost.
Discusses the differences between real wood flooring and plastic laminate flooring.

Laminate Floor Care and Maintenance
Check out these simple steps - it's about as close to maintenance-free as it gets.