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Hardwood Flooring Articles

Mullican - American Hardwood Flooring
Creating beautiful and unique hardwood flooring with a focus on sustainability, Mullican Flooring is an American staple in the flooring industry.

Mercier Wood Flooring
With a focus always on the new and innovative, Mercier Wood Flooring has become synonymous with quality hardwood flooring that borders on absolute perfection.

A Comparison of Cost of Hardwood Flooring
Engineered vs. Solid, Unfinished vs. Factory - a detailed comparison of cost of hardwood flooring.

The Urban Loft Engineered Flooring Line by Anderson Hardwood Floors
Hickory wire-brushed new flooring product from Anderson, the Urban Loft line is the essence of beauty and strength.

Flooring on Walls - The Hottest Trend
Just because it's a floor tile doesn't mean it can't be used elsewhere. Flooring on Walls? You bet. Learn more with Fast Floors.

Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring is Back
Sick of the glossy smooth look of hardwood flooring? Good, hand scraped hardwood is too, which is why it's making a comeback.

Wood Look Tile - The Best of Both Worlds
Wood flooring is always a hot commodity and popular trend, and for good reason. But it's not always the best flooring choice. With wood look tiles, you can get the look of wood, with the qualities of tile.

Using Wine Barrels as Wood Flooring
Wine barrels are a remarkable resource for flooring. Not only is the wood beautiful, but also it's unique and environmentally sound.

Replenishing Our Forests As We Cut Them Down
Replenishing our forests as we cut them down is vital toward sustainability. Luckily, when you use American hardwoods, you can be assured those trees are being replanted.

Factory Finished Hardwood Flooring, The Charm of Reclaimed Timber
New factory-finished hardwood flooring offers all the charm of reclaimed timber. Also known as prefinished hardwood flooring, it's worth a look.

Mannington American Classics Engineered Hardwood
Mannington's American Classics engineered wood flooring is an affordable, luxurious choice in hardwood flooring.

Anderson Wood Flooring

Exotics Hardwood Flooring by Mannington
You do not have pay exotic prices, or travel to exotic places, in order to capture an exotic look with your hardwood flooring.

Mannington's Earthly Elements Revolutionary Hardwood
Mannington's Earthly Elements revolutionary hardwood gives you more flexibility in your flooring design than any other brand. Brought to you by Fast Floors.

Adura Distinctive Plank Flooring, The spirit of natural hardwood, only better
Distinctive Plank vinyl flooring is perfect for capturing the classy and rustic look provided by natural hardwood flooring

Exotic Hardwood: Lapacho
In addition to its superior strength, Lapacho also brings a rich beauty to any environment.

Exotic Hardwood: Magnolia
Magnolia often is revered as the most beautiful native tree in the country, and as a flooring option, this remains the same.

Exotic Hardwood: Mahogany
Mahogany will make its own presence known in your home with a richer and more elegant appearance.

Exotic Hardwood: Ipe
Beyond the beautiful, rustic appearance, Ipe offers one of the most stable and durable wood floorings options available.

Exotic Hardwood: Chestnut
North American Chestnut brings warmth to any home with its lighter brown color that fits with most décor styles.

Exotic Hardwood: Zebrawood
The unique striping of Zebrawood makes this unique and beautiful wood stand out in any home or office.

Exotic Hardwood: Brazilian Walnut
Brazilian Walnut is far more common of a species than Brazilian Cherry or Teak, and will add a great feel to elegant rooms in higher end homes.

Exotic Hardwood: Amendoim
If you are looking to add a rare, exotic wood species with a pinkish red color to your home, you should consider Amendoim.

Exotic Hardwood: American Cherry
“I cannot tell a lie,” was young George Washington's response to his father’s questioning of taking down this beautiful, cherry tree.

Exotic Hardwood: Padauk
There are actually seven species of hardwood that is recognized as Padauk, but the most readily available kind of Padauk is African Padauk, which may also be referred to as vermillion.

Exotic Hardwood: Brazilian Rosewood
Known for its wild and dramatic coloring, Brazilian Rosewood exemplifies all that is rare and exotic in hardwood flooring.

Exotic Hardwood: Afzelia
Afzelia, a strong, hard wood from tropical Africa is one of the most valuable woods available today

Exotic Hardwood: Mozambique Wood
Mozambique Wood comes in a number of varieties that you can use in decorating your home.

Exotic Hardwood: Berlinia
Berlinia wood is a heartwood brown, that runs from pinkish brown to deep red brown, with dark purple or brown streaking.

Exotic Hardwood: African Mahogany
A good alternative to typical hardwood flooring options like oak or walnut, African Mahagony heartwood exhibits a rich, reddish brown color

Deciding Between "Character Woods" and "Non-Character Woods"
Have you ever sat and looked at a hardwood floor? Chances are thers's also a deep, rich history embedded in the grains of every plank of hardwood flooring.

What Is the Janka Hardness of Wood Flooring?
Janka refers to the testing hardwood flooring goes through to determine its hardness when compared to other hardwoods.

Exotic Hardwood: Angelique
Angelique is also a species of teak that is found in Suriname and could be a great asset to your new home or office.

Exotic Hardwood: Malaysian Kempas
Malaysian Kempas is a beautiful raw material and can be a stunning addition to your new flooring project.

Exotic Hardwood: Merpauh
Merpauh hardwood will give your space a unique look that will make a lasting impression on all who visit.

Exotic Hardwood: Olive Wood
Olive Wood is a beautiful type of wood that is sure to enrich any room in your house.

Exotic Hardwood: Coastal Chestnut
Coastal Chestnut is an exotic hardwood flooring which is a hardy, beautiful wood which features a great neutral color.

Exotic Hardwood: Brazilian Teak
Teak, an incredibly popular hardwood raw material, is so popular because of its almost granite-like strength.

Exotic Hardwood: Brazilian Tigerwood
Brazilian Tigerwood has a unique look and it will resist rot and decay, which is what makes it a great wood to use outdoors.

Exotic Hardwood: African Sapele
African Sapele is a beautiful exotic wood flooring that is not only hardy, but its unique coloring makes it a standout in any home.

Exotic Hardwood: Acacia
Acacia exotic hardwood is a beautiful choice that some believe might have celebrity status as the wood used to build the Ark of the Covenant.

Exotic Hardwood: Australian Cypress
Australian Cypress hardwood flooring brings a bit of the Outback into your home, business, or office.

Exotic Hardwood: Mango Wood
Looking for a unique type of exotic hardwood flooring that is a green product, consider mango wood.

Exotic Hardwood: Hazel Sapele
Hazel Sapele is a tough hardy exotic wood that originates in West Africa.

Exotic Hardwood: Albizia
Albizia hardwood is a renewable source of exotic wood flooring.

Exotic Hardwood: Brazilian Cherry
Brazilian Cherry is the most heavily imported species of exotic woods most likely due to its rich color and ability to withstand heavy traffic.

Exotic Hardwood: Bubinga
Looking for a exotic wood for your floor ingrained with a rich, red color, you may want to consider Bubinga.

Product Review: Somerset Hardwood Flooring
Harvested from the Appalachian timerlands, Somerset products are of the highest quality, and the variety and selections will inspire anyone looking to make an investment of hardwood flooring.

Product Review: Quickstyle Hardwood Flooring
Quickstyle hardwood flooring provides its customers with top quality solid hardwood flooring as well as state-of-the-art engineered flooring selections.

Product Review: Landmax Hardwood Flooring
With over 15 different species of wood to choose from in a variety of hues and in either solid or engineered versions, Landmax is a great source for hardwood flooring.

Do's and Don'ts for Cleaning Hardwood Floors
You've put in the investment in a hardwood floor, so you'll definitely want to take care of it to the best of your ability.

Product Review: Robina Hardwood
Robina Floors is a great source for top quality engineered hardwood flooring.

Care and Maintenance for Different Hardwood Floor Finishes
Care and maintenance will keep your wood floors in excellent condition and make them last even longer than their warranties.

Product Review: Pinnacle Hardwood Flooring
Pinnacle has production facilities around the globe and offers a huge array of hardwood flooring products in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes.

Product Review: LM Hardwood Flooring
With all the hardwood flooring companies out there, it's great to find a manufacturer like LM Flooring that provides the highest quality with so many different selections to choose from.

Product Review: Mullican Hardwood Flooring
Mullican is brings the highest quality of hardwood flooring products, and they are also dedicated to responsible management and harvesting of the trees used to make their floors.

Product Review: Robbins Hardwood Flooring
Robbins has been committed to bringing customers the absolute best and most versatile choices to the wood flooring industry.

Product Review: Mohawk Hardwood Flooring
A huge name in the flooring industry, Mohawk brings excellence and variety as well as expertise to the hardwood flooring market.

Finding Sustainable Exotic Hardwood Floors
Looking for a product that is eco-friendly and that comes from a sustainable source. Several species of exotic woods used for hardwood flooring have the protection of natural resources.

Product Review: Home Legend Hardwood
Home Legend has a line of hardwood floors that will give you the keys to bringing that touch of nature into your everyday life.

Product Review: Johnson Hardwood
Johnson Premium Hardwood Flooring devotes their energies not only to producing quality, but also doing what they do with quality and responsibility as well.

Hardwood Floors: Harris Wood
With a rich history, you can trust Harris Wood to be able to provide the best hardwood products for your project.

Five Benefits of Engineered Wood Floors
Engineered flooring is a fantastic alternative to traditional solid hardwood and has some benefits that can make it a better choice.

Product Review: Kahrs - Hardwood
Kahrs takes the raw material provided by nature and transforms it into livable works of art.

Product Review: Junckers - Hardwood
The passion Junckers puts into its products and processes results in the most unique and luxurious looks for any location.

Want a Green Do-It-Yourself Floor?
Try a Floating Floor

Almost any type of floor has a floating version, but you have to know where floating floors are best suited to make sure the floor is protected, and the life extended.

Green Spring Cleaning For Your Floors
Difficult to find "green" cleaners off the shelf? Chances are there are several products that are in your cabinets and closets right now!

Choosing Greener Hardwood Flooring
Doing your research can lead you to certain hardwood floors that actually are green or eco-friendly.

Product Review: Columbia Flooring Originals Hardwood Floors
Whether you're going for a classic, silky smooth finish or a rustic, hand-scraped look, you will find your floor with Columbia Flooring Orginals hardwood floors.

Product Review: Cala Hardwood Flooring
Simple, elegant beauty is what you will get in your hardwood flooring from Cala as they bring you the very best.

Product Review: Cikel Hardwood Flooring
Cikel brings a tremendous amount of social, environmental, and economic responsibility to their offerings, not to mention superb quality.

EarthWerks - Flooring Inspired by Nature
EarthWerks offers a beautiful selection of flooring options, that bring nature into your room.

Grading the Green-ness of New Flooring
We've graded some flooring choices we've seen touted as eco-friendly and green for any number of reasons.

Exotic Hardwoods for Your Hardwood Flooring
Exotic hardwoodshas quite the ring to it, doesn't it? But what does it really mean?

Product Review: Award Hardwood Flooring
Award Flooring's hardwood floors aren't just beautiful, they are also very durable due to Award's advanced ceramic finish.

Product Review: Barlinek Hardwood Flooring
Barlinek's awesome array of choices, which are organized intelligently based on the intended use and location of the floor, will stimulate your thinking on the possibilities for your room.

Product Review: Appalachian Wood Flooring
Appalachian hardwoods by Anderson are an extensive selection of hardwoods including maple, oak, and hickory, as a few examples.

Product Review: Ark Hardwood Flooring
In these new days of sustainability and making sure products are "eco-friendly", Ark Floors is an inspiration to the commitment to producing hardwood flooring products that don't come at too high a cost to the environment.

Product Review: BR111 Hardwood Flooring
If you're a traditionalist or are trying to keep the authenticity of a remodeled home, then you need to take a look at BR111's lines of gorgeous exotic solid hardwood flooring products.

How to Plan and Design a Bedroom Hardwood Flooring Project
Hardwood flooring in your bedroom can still have the warmth and coziness everyone expects in the boudoir.

Product Review: Bruce Hardwood Flooring
Bruce hardwood flooring is as far as you need to look if you're looking for hardwood flooring with its timeless beauty and charm.

Accessories Needed for Hardwood Flooring Installation
Installing a hardwood floor can be a little intimidating for do-it-yourselfers, but it can be done. The biggest key to a successful installation are the right tools!

Green Cleaning of Hardwood Floors
Keeping your hardwood floor looking like new is a necessary part of any floor maintenance, luckily there are some safe, green, and easy ways to take care of your hardwoods.

Want Green Flooring? Try Hardwood Floors
Aren't hardwood floors the very enemy of being green? Absolutely not. It's actually exactly the opposite.

Preparing the Sub-floor
Nothing can disable a floor more than a poorly prepared sub-floor.

Product Review: Mannington Hardwood
Mannington has been providing high-quality flooring since 1915.

Using Dustless Sanding for Flooring Contractors
Dustless sanding sounds almost like an oxymoron, but it isn't thanks to technology developed several years ago

How and Why Do Floors "Cup?"
Cupping is just one of many ways wood can deform.

Five (Or More) Important Tools For The Flooring Installer
Tools for the do-it-yourself individual who wishes to install a new wood floor

Max Windsor Flooring
Max Windsor seems to be the kind of flooring dealer that can deliver on their promise of quality hardwoods.

Armstrong Floors for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Armstrong has been creating flooring products for decades, and since its inception, has grown to become a major industry leader in the residential and commercial flooring trade.

Bruce Knows Floors
Bruce Flooring, a division of Armstrong, is one flooring specialist that doesn't mind sharing a wealth of information.

Pioneered Wood - Review of Harvest Timber Co.
The Harvest Timber Company is doing things a little differently. But it appears that the Lakebay, Washington maker of Pioneered Wood Flooring (among other products) has always been a little different.

Floating Floors: A New Way to Enjoy Wood
The introduction of floating floors brought with it a host of criticism and questions.

Understanding the Benefits of the Lacey Act of 1900 for Flooring Dealers
The Lacey Act, in a nutshell, states that it is a U. S. Federal offense to trade in any illegal plant material.

Is Your Wood Flooring Certified?
Certifying wood products began in the early nineties as an effort to identify and promote materials produced by ecologically reputable companies.

Floors For a New Generation
There used to be just a few flooring choices to make when buying a new home or updating an existing one, but new technologies and discoveries have given us more, cheaper, and more eco-friendly flooring options.

Product Comparison: Engineered vs. Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors or engineered floors? Wondering what the real difference is between a solid wood floor and engineered.

Flooring Installation Workshop: Locking Hardwood Floors
Locking hardwood floors is one of the easiest methods of installations

Flooring Installation Workshop: Glue Down Hardwood Floors
Installing glue down hardwood floors offers advantages and potential pitfalls, but in the right application, glue down hardwood floors can be your best choice.

Flooring Installation Workshop: Staple Down Hardwood Floors
Understanding the process of staple down floors

Flooring Installation Workshop: Nail Down Hardwood Floors
Advantages of a nail down hardwood floor

How to Plan and Design a Living Room Hardwood Floor
How to plan and design for a hardwood floor insatllation for the do-it-yourself individual.

Five Important Accessories to Install Your Own Hardwood Flooring
These five items are the result of a lot of trial and error. These are items that dont cost much, but can add to the quality of your project and build your skills.

Wood Flooring: Royalty Unfolded
Why choose wood floors for your next flooring project.

Wood Flooring 101
Some of the basics about hardwood flooring.

Floating Hardwood Floors: A Classic Look Innovated
The latest installation trend in hardwood: floating floors.

Get An Antique Look With Modern Flooring
Ironically, the newest trend in hardwood, is to make your floor look old!

The Ins And Outs Of Staining Hardwood Floors
Looking to revitalize that old hardwood? Here are some helpful hints.

Hardwood Floors In The Kitchen
Technology, mainly through durable sealants, have made Hardwood a sensible choice for almost any room.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring Reviews
Bruce wood flooring reviews, installation instructions and all the popular Bruce floorng products at

Kahrs Woodloc Wood Floor Joint System
The Kahrs Woodloc is an excellent hardwood flooring joint system. Kahrs wood flooring uses the Woodloc system.

Cleaning And Caring For A Hardwood Floor
Take the proper care for your hardwood flooring and it will retain its beauty for years to come.

Become Inspired By The Beauty Of Hardwood Flooring
A brief look at the different hardwood flooring styles.

Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance
Welcome to Hardwood 101...a short course in hardwood floor preservation.

The Difference Between Heartwood & Sapwood - How They Affect Your Floor
The Difference Between Heartwood & Sapwood - How They Affect Your Floor

African Badi and Tali Wood Flooring Species
Find out why Badi and Tali are attracting so much attention.

Solid or Engineered Flooring
We try to clear up the confusion about engineered floors vs. solid wood floors.

Wood Floor Textures and Finishes
Different wood floors have different grains, or "textures". Different types of finish coatings that are applied to the wood floor will also tend to change the texture.

Wood Flooring Installation Methods
A description of the different types of wood flooring installation methods. See which may be right for you and your specific application.

Wood Flooring Species
Wood flooring species vary considerably. Each species has its own distinct characteristics.

Wood Flooring Warranties
There are many different warranties available from many different manufacturers. Here we will explain some of the more common warranties and what they mean to you.

Decorating With Wood Floors
Wood flooring is one of the most beautiful floors you can use in your decorating scheme.

Engineered Wood Products and Engineered Wood Flooring
Engineered wood takes many forms, and there are a number of hardwood floor products that are made from man-made wood or composite wood.

Exotic Hardwoods and Your Hardwood Floor
If you've ever purchased a hardwood floor or any other wood product, you've probably seen the term "exotic". Exotic refers to species that are different from regular, or ordinary hardwoods.

Free-Floating, No-Glue Flooring, the Do-It-Yourself Dream
Save time and money with the free-floating, no-glue installation method.

Correct Use & Measuring for Molding/Trim
Explains the different types of moldings available for wood and laminate flooring and how to measure for them.

Janka Hardness Ratings
If you ever wondered what those numbers meant, here's the scoop.

What is Solid Wood Flooring?
"Solid Wood" is a term used to distinguish between engineered wood and regular lumber. Most people consider solid wood more attractive than engineered wood, such as fiberboard.

Real Wood, or Laminate Flooring? I'm lost.
Discusses the differences between real wood flooring and plastic laminate flooring.

Barlinek: Replenishing Hardwood Forests
Some companies talk environmental consciousness, but Barlinek delivers.