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General Articles

Introducing WhisperStep Gold!
Were excited to announce that we now offer WhisperStep Gold underlayment, designed to optimize and lengthen the life of your flooring.

Why You Should Be Wary Of Chinese Flooring
Flooring made in China is oftentimes cheaper than your other flooring options. But this cost-savings comes at a price... to your health.

Lumber Liquidators and Unsafe Laminate Flooring? What You Need to Know.
A recent 60 Minutes report unveils that Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring from China consists of dangerous levels of formaldehyde.

Laminate Flooring vs. Luxury Vinyl Plank - The Showdown
In a showdown between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl plank, who comes out on top? FastFloors has the answers to make your floor-buying experience easier.

Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home
Dorm rooms aren't known for giving off that "home" feel. But you can make your dorm room feel more like home with these easy and portable flooring options.

Back to Vinyl
Vinyl flooring is showing what it takes to be the best in flooring

Mercier Wood Flooring
With a focus always on the new and innovative, Mercier Wood Flooring has become synonymous with quality hardwood flooring that borders on absolute perfection.

Happy Floors
With great advances in porcelain tile, from design to green initiatives, Happy Floors is a nationwide leader in the finest flooring around.

American Florim
The Florim Group of Italy has owned Florim USA since 2000.

Flooring Moldings Underlayment and Glue.
A flooring project means more than calculating your flooring needs. It requires the right kinds and amount of moldings, underlayment, and glue.

How-To Calculate Flooring Square Footage
A how-to guide to calculating how much flooring you need for your project. Brought to you by Fast Floors.

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Subway tiles for your kitchen - the hottest trend in home design
When it comes to designing your kitchen, some things are trendy and timeless. The subway tile is the perfect example.

Interceramic HD Ceramic Tile - The Quality Without the Porcelain Price
Interceramics High Density (HD) Ceramic Tile rivals porcelain tile.

The Beauty and Quality of Interceramic Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone
Interceramic has been in the flooring business since 1979, and has remained within the Almeida family since day one. With a reputation for quality tile flooring, Interceramic remains an industry leader.

Flooring on Walls - The Hottest Trend
Just because it's a floor tile doesn't mean it can't be used elsewhere. Flooring on Walls? You bet. Learn more with Fast Floors.

The many different textures in flooring.
How can you choose the right flooring if you don't know which texture to choose? Stop worrying and get informed with Fast Floors.

Using Wine Barrels as Wood Flooring
Wine barrels are a remarkable resource for flooring. Not only is the wood beautiful, but also it's unique and environmentally sound.

Large Format Floor Tiles - The New Trend
Large format floor tiles are not only in style, they are gaining in popularity. This might be the right type of flooring for you. Learn more now.

Radiant Heating Flooring, Is it worth it for your home?
Radiant Heating is either the greatest thing on earth, or not worth the effort. Find out if it's right for you.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Flooring, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
Eco-friendly is a term often overused. Learn how to find the right eco-friendly flooring and eco-friendly cleaning products for your home now.

Replenishing Our Forests As We Cut Them Down
Replenishing our forests as we cut them down is vital toward sustainability. Luckily, when you use American hardwoods, you can be assured those trees are being replanted.

Cork Flooring and its Amazing Acoustic & Insulating Qualities
Cork flooring is hot these days, and there's good reason why. It's insulation and acoustic properties are unmatched.

Product Review: VPI Rubber Flooring
VPI has a wide array of choices for rubber flooring in just about every color under the sun and in designs that are easy to install and maintain.

Product Review: RB Rubber Flooring
RB Rubber offers a huge line of products, flooring, and pads that can be used in a million different ways.

What Green Floors Can I Use In My Basement?
There are some other options out there, but cork with its premier "green" product status is a good bet for a basement.

Want a Green Do-It-Yourself Floor?
Try a Floating Floor

Almost any type of floor has a floating version, but you have to know where floating floors are best suited to make sure the floor is protected, and the life extended.

Green Spring Cleaning For Your Floors
Difficult to find "green" cleaners off the shelf? Chances are there are several products that are in your cabinets and closets right now!

Grading the Green-ness of New Flooring
We've graded some flooring choices we've seen touted as eco-friendly and green for any number of reasons.

Milliken Sports Themed Area Rugs
Milliken flooring has a great reputation in the industry for area rugs, but a rug that honors your favorite collegiate, NHL, NFL, MBA, or MLB that's cool too!

Choosing the Right Underlayment
You may need an appropriate underlayment with each type of flooring you might be installing

What Are the Benefits of Eucalyptus Flooring?
Somewhere between hardwood and bamboo you find eucalyptus.

50 Years of Roppe Rubber Flooring
Roppe means rubber flooring. For 50 years, Roppe has been designing and manufacturing quality rubber flooring.

Product Review: Alessco Flooring
Alessco has been busy over the years expanding their line of kiddie-floors into all kinds of different selections, including wood-alikes, giant soft green mats, and sheets of bamboo.

How to Install Rubber Flooring
Installing rubber flooring is something any do-it-yourselfer can handle with ease

The Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring
Rubber flooring is a durable and hypoallergenic product.

Where Can I Use Rubber Flooring?
Rubber flooring can be used just about anywhere and there are lots of reasons why.

Flooring Terms and Types Explained
Wood Flooring 101 (The Abbreviated Edition)

How to Care for Rubber Flooring
Rubber flooring is great, but there are some basic care guidelines to help keep it in top-notch shape.

Using Dustless Sanding for Flooring Contractors
Dustless sanding sounds almost like an oxymoron, but it isn't thanks to technology developed several years ago

Why Should I Use Rubber Flooring?
The endless uses of rubber flooring.

Environmentally Sustainable Flooring
There's so much more to the idea of environmental sustainability beyond "chop a tree, plant a tree," but most of us haven't given it much thought.

How Does the EPA's New Lead Laws Affect Flooring Contractors?
Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule from the EPA

Five (Or More) Important Tools For The Flooring Installer
Tools for the do-it-yourself individual who wishes to install a new wood floor

The Problems With Chinese Flooring
Flooring is an important choice for your home. You may find some good, competitive pricing out there in the marketplace: it's worth looking into.

The Benefits of Buying Flooring Online
Many consumers are getting much more comfortable buying products online. But flooring? Isn't that something you have to buy from a physical store?

Five Reasons To Buy Flooring Online
When you consider all the stuff people are buying online, buying flooring online is not an unusual choice.

Floating Floors: A New Way to Enjoy Wood
The introduction of floating floors brought with it a host of criticism and questions.

Quiet. Better. Different. WhisperStep Underlayment Is Ideal for Floating Floor Substrates
WhisperStep underlayment is the premier laminate pad on the market for sound and moisture control.

Understanding the Benefits of the Lacey Act of 1900 for Flooring Dealers
The Lacey Act, in a nutshell, states that it is a U. S. Federal offense to trade in any illegal plant material.

Where Do You Stand on Green Floors?
Cork and bamboo flooring are among the products that have emerged recently as the greenest flooring products.

Cleaning Your Pools Glass Tiles
How do you get rid of the chalky white ring on your pool tiles at the waterline?

Floors and Spores: Pick the Right Allergy-Free Flooring
Choosing the right flooring can improve health concerns for people with severe allergies

Flooring Installation Workshop: Rubber Floors
Rubber flooring is a fantastic alternative anywhere you need some cushion, extra grip and extreme resistance to moisture.

Product Review: The Benefits of WhisperStep Underlayment
Why do you need an Underlayment?

How to Plan and Design Your Bathroom Floor
Designing your bathroom floor is similar to any other room, but typically on a smaller scale.

How to Plan and Design Your Kitchen Floor
A plan means informing yourself of everything you need, how you use it, and in what order.

Area Rugs
Different types of Area rugs.

Types of Flooring Options
There are different types of flooring options to consider before a purchase.

Contemporary & Traditional Area Rugs
The Features and Benefits to floor rugs.

Area Rugs - Features & Benefits
Area rugs, brief run down of the features and benefits.

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Outdoor Flooring Ideas
Grass, mulch and brick are no longer your only outdoor choices.

Mixing Flooring Types In A Home
Who wants the same type of floor throughout the entire house?

How Flooring Choices Can Help Allergy Sufferers
Indoor allergies can be as potent and debilitating as outdoor allergies. Keeping a home free of allergens for those who suffer from their effects can be difficult, but the choice of flooring in a home can drastically improve the situation

Energy Efficient Flooring
Floooring and tile can be much more efficient than you think.

Remodeling: A Sound Investment for the Future
For 2009 make a safe, solid investment: invest in your home.

Manufacturer's Warranties: Am I Covered When Buying Online?
Clearing up the confusion over warranty coverage of Internet purchases

Why Buy Flooring From
This article addresses some of the questions and concerns regarding buying a new floor online.

Correct Use & Measuring for Molding/Trim
Explains the different types of moldings available for wood and laminate flooring and how to measure for them.

Indoor Humidity and Its Impact on Flooring
The importance of keeping proper indoor humidity levels year round.

Real Wood, or Laminate Flooring? I'm lost.
Discusses the differences between real wood flooring and plastic laminate flooring.

Shopping Tips
A collection of some basic shopping tips when looking for a new floor.

Where Did All The Pro Installers Go?
This article discusses the changing face of the installation side of the industry.

Flooring Underlayment - Types and Uses
Discussing the different types of underlayments and which one may be right for your application.