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Carpet Articles

Grading the Green-ness of New Flooring
We've graded some flooring choices we've seen touted as eco-friendly and green for any number of reasons.

Milliken Sports Themed Area Rugs
Milliken flooring has a great reputation in the industry for area rugs, but a rug that honors your favorite collegiate, NHL, NFL, MBA, or MLB that's cool too!

Carpet Tiles Review: Milliken
Install your own carpet with carpet tiles by Milliken.

Carpet Fibers
Most commonly used fibers, and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

Carpet Scams and Tricks
Every industry has them, and in the carpet industry, we have a lot of them - those "less than respectable" people selling the product.

Carpet Textures & Styles
The difference between Saxony, Berber, Cut-Loop, etc.

Carpet Ratings & Warranty
There are many different warranties on different types of carpets. We will explain them in as much detail as possible and help you decide which warranties will benefit you the most, and which may not be of any benefit to you.

Decorating With Carpet
Learn some of the basics of decorating with carpet.

My Kid Just Stained My Stain Proof Carpet
Read some facts you may not know about carpet stain protection and carpet warranties.