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Quiet. Better. Different. WhisperStep Underlayment Is Ideal for Floating Floor Substrates

Posted: Monday, October 18, 2010

WhisperStep Underlayment

There are several compelling reasons to put an engineered floating floor in your home, not the least of which is that, except for the structural components, it is the beautiful hardwood floor you wanted. But traditional flooring takes more time to install, can be more messy with the need for adhesives, and worst of all, requires a perfectly flat substrate. Wood flooring does not tolerate imperfections in the sub-floor, and there is no installing it over an existing flooring product.

But given the right laminate pad to negotiate the bumps, floating laminate floors are a snap to install almost anywhere: over ceramic tile, stone and vinyl — even in a basement where moisture levels can be higher. WhisperStep underlayment is such a product.

WhisperStep underlayment is the premier laminate pad on the market for sound and moisture control. This underlayment not only exceeds industry standards for noise transmission and impact, but is also waterproof while controlling mold and mildew growth.

The primary reason, though, for using the WhisperStep underlayment is so that floating flooring systems can be quickly installed over existing floors without having to worry about imperfections in the surface, or those hollow-sounding areas where there are gaps or debris left under the laminate.

Research shows that 70 percent of homeowners who have installed a laminate flooring system in their home are unsatisfied with the sound of the floor when it is walked on. WhisperStep underlayment is designed to pad, cushion and silence each step, providing a more comfortable, quiet and authentic wood floor experience. And at the same time, its flexible, tear-resistant and waterproof construction allows the floating floor to be installed anywhere, even in high-humidity and increased moisture environments.

Floating laminate floors represent one of the best advancements to date in making wood and the luxurious look of wood flooring accessible to homeowners everywhere. But the WhisperStep underlayment system not only makes the installation of floating laminates easier, it gives you the experience as well as the look.